Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) End Us?

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Artificial intelligence is about to change the world with smart robots, automation for jobs & new AI technology! Experts explained AI & sent out warnings on how artificial intelligence can end us.

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What Is It?
In simple terms, AI is the intelligence displayed by machines in contrast with the natural intelligence of human beings. Our brains, however, and the realm of the mind are incredibly complex and both are far from being fully understood scientifically. Some experts define human consciousness as having a unique sense of self, combined with the awareness of everything in the surrounding environment. For machines consciousness would mean setting goals and making choices that are beyond their programming.
Number 7 Autonomous Vehicles
The main purpose of a self-driving vehicle is for it to be demonstrably safer than a human-controlled one. There are currently five levels of automated driving, of which only four and five are autonomous. Tesla uses a level 2 autopilot, which still requires the driver’s full awareness. There are still ethical questions to be asked, such as whether a car will prioritize the safety of its driver or of other pedestrians in high-risk scenarios.
Where Is It Located?
So far, only certain aspects found in human intelligence have been replicated by artificial neural networks, which are the AI equivalent of the human brain. Applications are thus subjected to something called the AI effect, which occurs when onlookers discount its behavior as being “real intelligence”. As roboticist Rodney Brooks put it “every time we figure out a piece of it, it stops being magical”. It includes several high-profile examples such as image recognition, speech recognition, search engines, online assistants, predicting flight delays, medical diagnosis or autonomous vehicles.
Number 6 Learning How to Lie
In fact, it’s the behavior of squirrels that has inspired some truly fascinating AI developments. A squirrel will purposefully check empty sites for nuts when another squirrel is nearby, thus confusing it about where the food is hidden. Based on this behavior, researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have taught a machine how to lie. This was done through a series of hide-and-seek experiments. The robot that was hiding doubled back to a false marker, thus fooling the robot that was seeking. Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and Elon Musk have all argued that AI will eventually grow beyond human control.
Number 5 Smart Homes
Smart homes are becoming increasingly more popular and the Internet of Things, or IoT, has been developing rapidly. If you’re not familiar with IoT, just know that it refers to the embedding of data transmission and computing devices in everyday objects. There’ve been several projects to assist elderly people, who were living alone, with systems that monitor electrical and plumbing networks as well as temperature or movement. Introducing advanced AI to the Internet of Things may seem like a good idea, but the technology still needs to be perfected.
Number 4 AI Outperforming
There are already competitions in which humans develop super-intelligent systems. Concerns mainly address what would happen should this type of technology fall into the wrong hands.
Number 3 Robots
Numerous artificial intelligence experts and renowned scientists have expressed their concerns regarding the use of AI. Autonomous drones or advanced detection technologies are seen as particularly valuable assets.
Number 2 Xiaoice
As robots are becoming smarter and more human-like in appearance, it would seem our emotions are the final frontier. Soon, that might no longer be the case. In 2014, the East Asian branch of Microsoft developed an AI called Xiaoice, based on emotional computing framework. It’s gradually becoming a complete artificial intelligence system, through its comprehensive application of algorithms, big data and cloud computing.
Number 1 Automation of Jobs
Throughout most of human history, industrial revolutions have opened the gateway to more workplaces. AI might put an end to that and create major technological unemployment. In the US alone, there are numerous machines doing the same jobs that humans used to do. Close to 40 million Americans have a workplace that’s at risk of becoming automated in the near future. The most affected sectors will be transportation and storage, followed by manufacturing and retail. By the turn of the century, it’s expected that more than half of the jobs in the world will be done by AI.

They Will Kill You

They Will Kill You

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