What Are The Different Types Of Ghosts?

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Sightings of unexplainable spirits and images seem to date back as far as written history goes but more detained witness descriptions would seem to indicate that there may in fact be multple different types of ghosts. What the wind was just thousands spirits floating spirits moving at us at one time. From violent ghosts who won’t leave until their demands are met, to spirits who visit people during a time of need, here different types of ghosts.

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6. Ghost Trains
All aboard the ghost train with a direct trip to H E double toothpicks. Trains can be a little bit creepy sometimes and many people might end up getting in the way of one, or get stuck on the tracks with nowhere to go. Such is the case for the haunted railway in San Antonio which has been quite the mysterious urban legend. Story has it, the conductor could not stop in time and ten children lost their lives while being stuck in the school bus. Many still claim to hear the laughter of children along the railway and this photo was taken in the area of the collision and black eyed children in this area. Others have claimed that trains that have derailed will relive the horrifying experiences in the form of a ghost.

5. Red Lady
The Red lady is a spirit of a woman who’s similar to the white lady but is often reported wearing a red dress. The legend typically pertains to the spirit of a woman who is a jilted lover, a woman who’s killed in passion or a woman who enjoyed too much indulgence. She’ll be spotted roaming around historical hotels, old theatres, castles and other places. One place where one might encounter a red lady is on the queen mary ship in Long Beach, California. One of the sitings occurred when they spotted sitting in a chair in the middle of the lounge, standing between two mirrors. They claimed that her appearance was visible for about 10 minutes. Leap Castle, one of the most haunted places in ireland is said to be home to some mysterious entities. Cartloads of human bones were also removed from this site a while ago from the dungeon and even reports of a red ghost who holds onto a dagger.

4. White Lady of Worstead Church
In 1975, a man Peter took a photo of his wife Diane, praying and sitting on a bench in a church in Norfolk, UK. He later on looked at the photo and asked his wife who was sitting behind her. It appeared to be possibly an elderly woman wearing all white. His wife Diane was baffled and didn’t recall anyone sitting behind her. They then showed it to the reverend of the church. He then explained that it was the legendary white lady who often appears a healer and arrives when someone is in need of healing. When Diane visited the church she was currently undergoing treatment for an illness.

3. Black Eyed Children
We all know there is just slightly something unsettling about children, with no parents walking around at night. Some have had an unsettling experiences with black eyed children while sitting in their car. Sometimes they knocks on the window to the drivers side but they keep their eyes covered with a hoodie. Although, the conversations just seemed normal at first, witnesses will report an immediate feeling of horror. The children will more and more pushy if they don’t get their way and will resort to violence if necessary. Finally, a witness will notice the children had pitch black eyes, with no iris and no pupils. Some claim these are the ghosts of children who lost their lives from trusting strangers.

2. Monk Ghost of Newby Church
This photo was taken at the Newby Church in North Yorkshire England is one of the most authentic ghost photos we have to this day. Taken in 1963, the snapshot has been surrounded in mystery and controversy. The Reverend who took this swears its authenticity and saw nothing at the altar when he took this photo. The church has no spooky history until now. The experts who analyzed it claim there was no double exposure and the ghost in the photo would stand about 9 feet tall. People claim it was a monk from the 16th century who wore a mask due to leprosy or another disfigurement.


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