Unbelievable Things Owned By the Dupont Family

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The dupont family is one of the richest families in America and they made a large amount of money despite causing the suffering of millions of people. From synthetic material causing hazardous massive amounts of pollution, to massive estates that would rival with the palace of versailles, here are unbelievable things owned by the dupont family.

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5.Gen X
If one chemical gets banned all, they need to is slightly change it et voila it’s no longer illegal! Very similar to teflon, Gen X is produced by a company called chemours which is a corporate spin-off of Dupont with its headquarters in Fayetteville, North Carolina. People have found out that they have caused reproductive problems and cancer. Is this the elite’s way of controlling the population! It’s a manmade fluorochemical which isn’t illegal just yet and classified as a industrial byproduct. It turns out there was alarming concentrations of Gen X near the cape fear river and chemours had been shamelessly dumping it into the environment.

4.Jeff Gordon
Jeff Gordon has been riding around in his racecar not knowing he’s basically owned by a globalist elite. The primary sponsor of the number 24 chevrolet team has been dupont and he was riding with them pretty much his entire career until he retired 2016. During his career he won three time during the Daytona 500 and has the most wins in Nascar modern era. Many nascar fans will remember seeing this famous car taking first place in many high profile racing events and it makes you wonder if they had some kind unfair advantage.

3.Kevlar Vests
If dupont couldn’t profit from gunpowder anymore, they’d still find a way to profit from war but make it seem like they’re saving people. Kevlar is another synthetic material used for racing tires, bicycle tires and even racing boat sails but its main purpose was for bulletproof vests. Ever since guns were first created, people have been looking for ways to protect themselves against them, but were never too successful until recently. This photo was captured in 1923 testing a fairly primitive bullet proof vest from nearly point blank range. Although they were somewhat available during WWII nothing too good ever came out until 1950’s, when aluminum sheets was imbedded into nylon. This was known as the M-1951 which weighed about 7 and a half pounds for each vest. It was able to stop some powerful pistol rounds which was a big advancement but still wasn’t too useful on the battlefield. Today in modern times, we’ve advanced to using Kevlar vests that can stop all kinds of different bullets, like the dragon skin. This was a material used in tires that was developed in 1965 and not long after, the duponts started making vests out of it. This tough, net like material has the ability to stop bullets flying as a fast as the speed of sound, which is pretty crazy if you think about it. Bullet Proof vests are now standard equipment for many soldiers across the world.

2.DuPont Industrial Biosciences
If you thought monsanto was the only one creating GMO’s think again! In 1999, Dupont became the the largest seed producing company that are used for the production of genetically modified soy and corn. They’re among the top 4 biotech companies in the world who combined create all genetically modified seeds in the world as well as 60 percent of the worlds pesticides. The other companies are Monsanto, Syngenta and Bayer. Dupont and these companies spend a fortune to corrupt our government to allow for these frankenfoods to exist. They continue to shovel loads of money to politicians who are on their side. Despite everywhere else in the world being totally against genetically engineered projects, our presidents have appointed officials that have been defendings, lobbying or even working for biotech companies. In any case, monsanto and dupont have been duking it out for control over their patents. Many would argue that dupont is the lesser of the two evils and they aren’t harassing farmers if the genetics of the crop ends up on their farm


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