Strangest Things Found Inside Planes

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Normally when we get on an airplane, we expect TSA to do their job and not let anything on board that might cause problems. But as the world is becoming more international, sometimes creepy crawlers that snuck their way into backpacks won’t show up during screenings. From some of the most outrageous comfort animals out there to gold stashed away in the toilet! Here are the strangest things found inside planes

13. Passengers With Pets
Most service animals go through a lot of training in order to become one and some claim that they really help with the anxiety of flying. It’s becoming the cool new trend to bring an emotional support animal with you but many don’t realize that sometimes these are actually people who just want to bring their pet on the plane. That’s right. People have started travelling with fake emotional support animals and it’s becoming a hassle for flight attendants to accommodate the furry flight passengers. And sometimes feathery? And they’re not just dogs as you can tell from this photo of this woman bringing her emotional support pig on board and she seems quite happy that she was able to pull off this stunt. Whoever said pigs can’t fly are totally speciesist! People often don’t want to pay the large sum of cash to have their pet go airborne many claim that it’s getting to the point where people are taking advantage of the system

12. Emotional Support Kangaroo
In addition to emotional support pigs you might find out that in the land down under they might choose to go with emotional support kangaroos instead. Traditionally these animals have been dogs who are trained to alert blind and deaf people but the number of conditions appears to be on the rise. PTSD, autism and anxiety are conditions in modern times where support animals are needed. You might ask yourself how on earth is a kangaroo supposed to be specifically trained to help people with those conditions! This photo here shows a little critter named joey the kangaroo looking quite comfortable in first class on american airlines. Hopefully he doesn’t order the coffee or he might start hopping around the plane.

11. Exploding Cell Phones
Samsung recalled the Note 7 smartphones in 2016 after some of the batteries exploded or caught on fire! One of them actually exploded on an airplane, a southwest flight from kentucky and filled the entire cabin with smoke. Samsung Note 7’s were being recalled from shelves in 10 countries including South Korea and the United States. There were 35 confirmed instances of this new smartphone catching on fire and even exploding! Maybe TSA is overlooking the possible dangerousness of cell phones exploding? Certainly seems a lot more dangerous than those nail clippers they’re confiscating left and right

10. A Janitor’s Dream
No one likes using the toilets on planes. They smell awful, there’s barely any room in there, and god knows where the water you use to wash your hands comes from! However, the cleaners of the plane in 2013 had an extremely lucky day when they came across a suitcase that had nearly 70 pounds of gold stashed inside! Who has that much money where they could leave 70 pounds of gold in an airplane toilet! This unbelievable discovery happened on a flight from Dubai to Bangladesh, and probably could have bought the entire country with this stash! This would have been worth about 1.7 million US Dollars. Officials had reasonable suspicion that the gold was related to some type of drug deal, and the person, stashed in the airplane before having to go through customs. What do you believe!

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