Secrets The Casinos DON’T WANT YOU To Know !

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From pool parties bringing tons of dough, to tips to help you win at the casinos, here are 12 secrets the casinos don’t want you to know!

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6. Parlays are Awful Bets
You might go to a sportsbook and think to yourself that you’re going to win a fortune on some massive parlay where you bet that all 8 teams you selected win. Sure those parlays have big payouts but casinos aren’t giving you close to a fair cut if you win! In reality, the house gets 13 percent on two team parlays as opposed to 10 percent of what you’d be givings up with just betting one team. Casinos know people are trying to get rich quick and the quicker you are able to get rich, the more of a chunk of your rightful earnings are reduced.

5. Black Sox Scandal
Some people aren’t even gonna take the chance of possibly losing a sports bet and they’ll just decide to rig the game instead! A man named Arnold Rothstein conspired to rig the world series in 1919 with monetary incentives to 8 different players. Rothstein worked for the mafia and has been described as a thuggish hoodlum that runs business. In any case, he decided he wanted to bet on the Reds in order to make money gambling. Rumors started to get around that the White Sox were flopping around and lost on purpose and before you know it, Rothstein goes on trial and everyone all the players were banned from the big leagues. It was considered to be the biggest MLB scandal until doping allegations came out in 2013.

4. Roulette Has Awful Odds
In a game where players due have an opportunity to strike it rich in a matter of a spin of a wheel, casinos make sure they still got the Edge. Players can win up to 35 times their money if they can predict the correct number. However, in American roulette there are 38 numbers! Doesn’t seem totally fair right? The house edge on this game is twice as high as blackjack with 6 to 5 blackjacks and it’s very rare to come across a European roulette table where there is only one zero on the board. In addition to the house odds being against your favor, you also have to make random decisions which are completely unpredictable no matter how hard you try. If you don’t have luck on your side, it can be a very misfortunate game.

3. Parking in Las Vegas Was Free
Vegas started off as a watering hole in the middle of the desert and what made it a great place to stop for travellers ever since the city was founded. With all the money casinos already make through gambling profits and advertising, does it really make sense to make it less enticing to park and come here? Ever since the construction of the TMobile arena, MGM has decided to go from free parking to about 10 dollars every couple of hours. After a while other casinos followed but only allowed locals. Now every casino charges now matter where you and it’s becoming the most popular tourist trap if you can’t keep up with your budget!

2. What Happens Here Stays Here
Many hotel workers are will tell you there is a lot of stuff that happens in big casinos that don’t always get put on the news. Many people who are reckless enough to gamble away their life savings, may choose to do something reckless to get out of debt, or end it all. Security is very hush hush to the media and bad publicity for a casino could be bad for business. The stratosphere casino has been known for jumpers and other hotels have very secure windows to keep people from accidently falling out Balconies are only allowed in select hotels to deter people from making themselves fly off. There are also a lot of pedestrians that don’t pay attention while walking up down the streets with the flashy lights of las vegas.Just in 2018, there have been at least 25 pedestrians fatally hit in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas.

1. Dealers Might Steal
Although it doesn’t happen too often, some people with slick hands might take the job as a blackjack or craps dealer and slip a few chips where the sun don’t shine. Despite them being watched like hawks, it still happens and they can get away with it. But more often then not, they get caught. A 27 year old employee at a casino in Pennsylvania was caught stealing 200 dollars worth of chips but they fined him 75000 dollars for the crime. Casinos are ready to set examples of people who think they’re foolish enough to steal blatantly from them. It’s been witnessed where dealers who got caught, will be walked out of the casino in handcuffs

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