Safest Place To Go During Zombie Apocalypse On Each Continent

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It’s the zombie apocalypse. Do you know where you’re going?

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6. Australia-Port Arthur, Tasmania
Completely surrounded by oceans, australia might be already safe from the zombie apocalypse if they take close precautions with letting in people from the outside but you never know!. If you want you feel even safer though, Tasmania might be even more isolated. You might take one good look at Port Arthur and think it’s some kind of 5 star australian hotel or something, but that certainly isn’t the case! In fact not only is it a former convict settlement. It originally started off as a timber station but from 1833 to 1853 it was the destination for the hardest of the convicted British criminals, often for criminals who were sent to australia and reoffended. Although it was considered to be one of those prisons where escape was impossible, some convicts managed to get out and some even resorted to cannibalism in tasmania, which means it’ might not be the easiest place to find food. Nonetheless, with a boat and some fishing tools, there’s gotta be some way to find food here right? Maybe some rare marsupials such as the short beaked echidna, platypus, kangaroos, or tasmanian devils/

5. Europe- Carcassonne, France
If you’re somewhere in France and the zombie apocalypse strikes, consider coming to the city of Carcassonne, located ian Southwestern France. The medieval, Cite de Carcassonne, will become the perfect stronghold for fighting off hordes of the undead. This was once a thriving trading post, that’s fortified with over 50 towers and the walls can reach about 30 feet high. Being Unesco world heritage site, it is still in great condition to this day. Equipped with a drawbridge, the people inside can decide who they want to let in. Even against looters during the apocalypse, this fortification could prove to be extremely effective. There’s also plenty of space outside the cities walls for farming, but just be careful. On another note, a modern flare was given to it that we see in this photo which involved quite a bit of yellow paint? Do you guys this this was a good idea to do this to a

4. Gibraltar Tunnels
Gibraltar is located at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula and the famous rock of Gibraltar is visited by many people each year. But many might not realise that this famous rock was actually transformed into a bunker by the British which consists of 34 miles of underground tunnels which is nearly twice as long as the cities road network. Made of limestone, this mountain is perfect for carving up and being utilized for zombie protection. The first line of defensive was created in the 1700’s by the british but it greatly expanded into an underground garrison for troops. During a time when boats will replace most aircraft, gibraltar will become even more important during the apocalypse

3North America Alcatraz
This location will certainly require a strong boat or even a helicopter if you’re looking to call this place your hide out. Alcatraz is certainly a famous place in America but it could also be the best place in America on the west coast to begin a settlement and call home. Located right near the mainland, it makes a great base for looting the mainland for resources. If you and your zombie hunting squad manage to capture this area before other survivors you should be able defend it pretty well. The strong current has made it nearly impossible to swim to which certainly makes it impossible for any zombies to get here. Consider the skies to be the only weak point and have a plan in case any one tries to attack you from the air, looking to take your fort! Prisons in general are designed to not only keep people out but to keep people in, so they have the right foundations for what you need in a hide out.

2. South America Lake Titicaca
Located in the Peruvian Andes,you might come across some llamas but also one of the most mysterious lakes in the world that could also be one of the safest against zombies. Many people are unable to even come here and report severe altitude sickness. It’s found 13,000 feet above sea level making it the highest navigable lake and the people that inhabit this lake build floating islands out of reeds. Another advantage to coming here is that the people are among some of the shortest in the world, meaning the zombies should be less intimidating to fight off. Inhabitants here live somewhat of a simple lifestyle, the same way as some of their Inca ancestors, almost as if the apocalypse has already hit. It stretches 110 miles across and separates peru from Bolivia. Unfortunately, the lake has become a little bit polluted in recent years but the water deep in the lake is fine after boiling. Plus there should still be plenty of melted snow and rain here to keep you hydrated.


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