REGISTER Your Bike, OR ELSE! – More Statism On Display In North Carolina

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Josh Sigurdson reports on the recently proposed bill in North Carolina to force everyone riding bikes on the road to register their bikes, pay a fee and get a license for their bikes. It’s just the latest example of pure statism on display.
2019 in 2 short months has already displayed massive attempts all over the United States to grow the size of the state more and more so.
Of course it’s not a BIG deal that North Carolina lawmakers want you to register your bike before riding on the roads that they already force people to ride on. It’s the fact that it’s part of an incremental frog boil towards complete control over the masses.
First the government monopolizes Standard Oil. Then the government bans competitors to the oil companies who provide great alternatives to petroleum. Then after all competition is driven out, the state blames the populace for pollution despite government being the world’s biggest polluter. They then ban straws instead of allowing the market to properly compete, once again. They then urge people to move from rural communities with things like carbon taxes and social pressures regarding consumption. Once people are in the big cities they urge people to ride bikes and public transportation. They then raise the prices and force people to register their bikes all while inflating the price of living dramatically and further driving people into dependence and debt.
This is the agenda that’s playing out and while it seems small at first, when you dig deep you realize it’s all part of a much larger problem that individuals must learn to break free from.
So the proposed bill is supposed to go towards teaching people about safety? That can’t be done without stealing people’s money? And bike lanes? That can’t be privately funded voluntarily without ripping people off?
Rule yourself, decentralize everything, be responsible and self sustainable and live free or forever wish you said or did something when they were simply just registering bikes.

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Josh Sigurdson

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