Puma Punku: Ancient Technology & The Ancient Cataclysm (with Brien Foerster)

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Josh Sigurdson sits down with world renowned researcher Brien Foerster to talk about the vast amount of evidence that points to a lost ancient civilization (or civilizations) wiped out by a great deluge.
Brien has been going to ancient sites for years, writing 36 books on the topic and exposing the evidence that there were lost ancient civilizations with incredibly advanced ancient technology, wiped out by a great ancient cataclysm, erasing most of their history.
Brien points out that many of the sites we believe to be moderately ancient from the past 800 to 5000 years are in reality much older, likely dating back to the last ice age (or the Younger Dryas period) which the moderately ancient civilizations built on top of or utilized in some way. Egyptians, Incas, Aztecs, Mayans and Olmecs among many other cultures appeared to have built more primitive structures on top of incredible megalyths throughout the world.
Who came before them? Their understanding of geography, the stars, the world around them cannot be compared. How did they build such incredible sites like Machu Picchu? How did they build sites like Puma Punku and Tiwanaku? How did they lift the incredibly large stones? What kind of tools could have possibly created such fine drill holes and carved out such fine edges and corners (sometimes 32 angle polygonal stones)? What wiped them out? Could there have been several deluges wiping out advanced civilizations several times over? Why do so many ancient civilizations around the world with no known connection have the same great flood stories? Why are there sites in Egypt (Tanis) as well as places like Vilcashuaman by Cusco that show intense melting of stone? Could there have been a plasma burst? A meteor like the one that created the crater in Greenland? What about a scorched Earth? A great flood? And what about elongated skulls?
There are so many questions, but for once, there are finally so many answers which we try to dig into in this video. The answers might shock you! What you’ve been told in school is part of a false paradigm, but the puzzle pieces like the stone at Machu Picchu are coming together and it won’t be long until we truly understand the nature of the ancient civilizations that lived before us, wiped out at the blink of an eye, leaving only remnants of their secrets, constantly getting more and more primitive as time goes on. Civilizations lived long before 3000 BC. Gobekli Tepe is only one example of the truths we aren’t being told.

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