Patrice Alegre: Exposing the Dark French Political Underworld?

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The murders in Toulouse were gruesome acts on women, including sexual abuse & rape. Here are some facts about the serial killer Patrice Alegre.

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10 Facts about Patrice Alegre
From his abusive childhood to his brutal crimes that allegedly involved members of the French political elite, here are 10 facts about Patrice Alegre:

Number 10 Childhood
Born in Toulouse, on June 20, 1968, Patrice Alegre was exposed to violence from a very young age. His father Roland, who was an officer in the reserve branch of the French National Police, was an abusive alcoholic. Michelle, his mother, was only 17 when he was born. Patrice was an unwanted child and his parents got married after she became pregnant. Michelle Alegre worked as a hairdresser and would often have extramarital affairs. According to some reports, she was also working as a prostitute.
Number 9 Early Criminal Life
By age 14, Alegre was living with his grandmother in the Izards district of Toulouse. He had already been expelled from several secondary schools and, before long, he dropped out entirely. For a while, he lived on the street. Alegre would later tell his psychiatrists that, around this time, he was sexually abused. He eventually fell into a life of petty crime, being involved with theft and drug trafficking.
Number 8 Family Life
Alegre’s own attempt at having a family was marked by the same type of scandals he’d witnessed as a child. He met Cecile Chambert in 1988 and the following year their daughter Anais was born. Their troubled seven-year relationship eventually mirrored that of Alegre’s parents.
Number 7 Serial Killer
It’s hard to determine the total number of Patrice Alegre’s murder victims. Before he received his sentence, Alegre hinted that he may have killed over 30 people and there were numerous unsolved murders in the region while he was active. It’s possible that he continued to rape and murder outside of France as well. His first victim, in 1989, set the pattern for most of the known killings. Valerie Tariotte was a brunette and she knew Alegre.
Number 6 Other Victims
Alegre killed his neighbor, Laure Martinet while he was living in Toulouse, in January 1990. Consistent with Alegre’s modus operandi, Martinet was bound, beaten, raped and strangled. Alegre’s next victim was 29-year-old Martine Matias, also killed in Toulouse, around seven years after Martinet. Her burnt body was found in her house, bent in a sexual position.
Number 5 Arrest
The evidence against Alegre had been building up for a while. Even before he’d been identified as the handyman in the Verdun murder, Alegre had left a witness. On February 22, 1997, he beat and raped 21-year-old Emillie Espes in the back of his car. The young woman managed to escape the attack and went straight to the police where she filed a complaint that would prove crucial in Alegre’s arrest. Unfortunately, the woman, who was the only known survivor of Alegre’s attack, was unable to recover from the traumatic experience and committed suicide in 2006.
Number 4 S&M Ring
In 1997, Alegre worked as a bouncer at a popular night club in Toulouse. It was during this time that he also worked as a pimp, supplying prostitutes to wealthy people in Toulouse, Paris and beyond. Alegre’s job was to provide prostitutes to sadomasochistic orgies which were allegedly attended by high-ranking police officers, public figures and other members of the bourgeoisie. Some of these S&M parties were supposedly in locations owned by the French government.
Number 3 Political Involvement
In a letter secretly sent from prison, which was subsequently published in the French press, Alegre stated ‘I cannot accept that the truth will be suppressed because the people involved are people in power’. He claimed the testimonies from Bourre and Khelifi were true and that they had, indeed, gone with him to sadomasochistic parties where the Toulouse elite was present.
Number 2 Killer Twist
In the midst of the scandal, Alegre admitted to killing two more people in addition to the known five, a transvestite named Claude Martinez and another prostitute. He claimed that he’d killed them on orders given by public figures.
Number 1 Police Involvement
According to Patricia, the reason why Alegre got away with so many crimes was that he was protected by the police and other officials. The circle of pimps, drug dealers and racketeers that Alegre was a part of also allegedly included several police officers. Patricia told a newspaper that he was also protected by several judges. An editor from French newspaper Depeche du Midi stated at the time ‘…it seems that the investigation has stopped or got no further. There are still many people to be questioned by the judges, but that isn’t happening-why not?

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