NEW World Order Conspiracy Theories

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Remember the the georgia guideline stones that said keep the global population to 500 million people? Yeah this state has a 11 fema camps with a few not being too far away. Is that mearly a coincidence? And what’s the deal with guillotines being legalized in the US? Today we’re going to take a look at some facts and some speculation and let you decide if we’re in the process of becoming a military state. From more and more people being locked up behind bars, to using the weather as a weapon, here are 10 new world order conspiracy theories.

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8. Federal Reserve Theory
If an apocalypse were to With so much secrecy shrouded around the Federal reserve and who’s in charge our nation’s central banking system that you have to wonder who’s really behind the mask. While forbes and other magazines right about the top billionaires in the world, no one ever looks around and tries to figure out who the trillionaires are! The federal banking system is admittedly a private corporation and when they say private, they mean it. They’re accused of being able to control the prices on everything, the interest rates on your loans, whether or not the stock market will go up or not, and complete control of our government. They take their dirty money and create media outlets that won’t give away the truth. They also fund wars when countries try to dismantle their monopolies. Some of the accused family members that have been rumored to play a part in their schemes are the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, The Morgan Family, the Bushes and the Du-pont family. Many of them are accused of grossly profiting off of human suffering such as world wars, funding both sides of the conflicts.

7. FEMA Camps
Could the government be coming up with a plan to imprison the US population, put us in concentration camps and establish a new world order? In order to control the animals, you got to keep them in a zoo! With our police becoming more and more militarized and our intelligence agencies becoming more advanced with their spying techniques, you have to wonder if big brother is planning something horrific. We’ve seen it happen before on our own soil, when thousands of noncriminal Japanese Americans were rounded up and relocated to camps. Madison, Georgia, a large camp holds an enormous stockpile of disposable coffins with no offical stated purpose by the government. At one point there was as many as 500 thousand of these grave liners and each one can most likely fit 3-4 bodies with ease. Would they really build all these camps and not put them to use some day in the future Some feel as though, the government will deploy a false flag biological attack on our own population, declare a state of emergency and start rounding us up like farm animals into camps. Don’t think they would do such a thing? In operation Sea Spray, the US released an experimental airborne bacterial onto US citizens and if you do enough research you can find other shady experiments like Project 112. They’ve even done bio experiments in the NY subway system

6. Imprisoning America
Has martial law been already put into effect? 4.4 percent of our population is currently incarcerated in our prison systems which equates to over 2.2 million people, more people than the entire country of latviaa!. 25 percent of the world prison population is found right here within american borders with 3 times as many african americans behind bars in comparison to caucasians. The harsh and insensitive conditions has lead to many repeat offenders and 4 million americans are stripped of their rights for even longer when they enter the civilian world on parole or probation. One of the more startling statistics shows that 75 percent of prisoners will re enter prison within the next 5 years of their release. This leaves 2.7 million kids without a mom or dad, waiting to become possibly the next prison generation. Getting a job is never easy with a felony and the laws are becoming more and more easy to break. Annually, over 70 billion tax dollars. 65 percent of private prisons corporations have begun which brings in more income for each person locked up. Some feel as though these alarming facts along with a monetary incentive, points to an executive order to imprison our population. Don’t forget about the zoo like conditions of jail our citizens are placed in before they are even on trail

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