Most mysterious things that can’t be explained

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From strange indications of possible time travelers to really bizarre things caught on tape, here are mysterious photos that cannot be explained.

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8. Pancakes

We all love pancakes with maple syrup etc. but putting them on your face really doesn’t seem like a great choice and is just making us all uncomfortable. The reason why they would do this is still unclear and it would almost make you think you’re sitting down at the table with a strange cult. With all the butter and cooking oil in the recipe, this family is asking for some serious acne. Even the dog had to get involved and he won’t be thanks. Just keep your food in your mouth like normal people please. Although this would seem like an interesting disguise if you were to rob a bank.

7. Can in Your Hand
Just take a sip of root beer the completely normal way. Nothing to look at here.
If you really want to gross out everyone you hang out with, you should really learn to hold onto a can of rootbeer like this guy in the photo. Hey guys don’t mind me. This strange super ability where people can bend joints backwards is known as hypermobility and it’s all thanks to their soft, elastic like cartilage or tendons. You probably don’t wanna ask this guy to hold your baby.

6. Eyelash Mayhem
Can you imagine if your eyelashes grew at the same speed as the hair on our head? Luckily, you lose about 5 eyelashes each day or else you might look like this woman, who has an eyelash growing problem! It’s true that eyelashes contain mites called demodex, this woman has probably a few more mites crawling around her face than you do. That should be enough to make you uncomfortable around her

5. Deer Head
Some people claim this is a photo from an illuminati party gathering in 1972 and the woman with the deerhead is Marie Helene de Rothschild who married to a famous head of a banking family. Cult like rituals included wearing dead animal heads. We all know the rothschilds have been in dominant control on various financial institutions throughout history. What kind of symbolism could this photo be representing

4. Bike in a Tree
What do you get when you splice the genes of a kids Motorcycle and a tree? Not even possible right? We’ll here you have it, the tree cycle! Someone obviously parked their motorbike somewhere for too long and it was basically consumed by a tree.. Either that or parking enforcement has gotten much stricter!

3. Men in Black
A man who was working at a hotel in Buffalo posted about a UFO sighting on his social media and the events that took place afterwards where captured on camera.This photo here was captured of two men in black, walking into the hotel lobby looking for Sovar and the hotel security. They were on break at the time and didn’t find Sovar at the time. They were acting extremely strange. They showed up with very pale skin, had no eyelashes, no eyebrows, large blue eyes, wearing trench coats, and fedora hats. Witnesses claimed that the hats looked like wigs were attached and they noticed that not one of them blinked the entire time.

2. Ufo’s on Google Earth
One of our more serious entries on this list, a man named John Mooner was ridiculed by his family and friends after he stated that he was abducted by aliens. He didn’t have any proof to show him until google earth released some very strange images. Google earth has been known to catch a lot of strange things but this one has to take the cake! He can probably prove it a little bit easier when he shows them that these strange images of what looks like some type of metallic floating object over his house! He even claims that if you zoom in close enough, you can see him actually punching a grey alien. We’re sure it sounds far fetched but those mysterious orbs of light have to be something! His testimony seems to be quite congruent to other cases of alien abduction.

1. The Captors
Either these parents have some really spooky halloween costumes or this was some type of kidnapping gone horribly wrong. It almost appears as though the parents are holding the kid for ransom in this photo and we’re sure this little guy is terrorized. The expression on his face almost makes you believe that he’s completely overwhelmed with fear and you have to wonder if he grew up to be a normal person after all this.

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