MOST MYSTERIOUS Things That Can’t Be Explained !

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Sometimes people just simply don’t have the answers for the questions they have about our universe, mysterious events through history and if we’re truly all alone on this planet. From documented cases of demonic possessions to the babushka lady, these are the MOST MYSTERIOUS Things That Can’t Be Explained !

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5. The Flatwoods Monster
A seeming close encounter with some type of extraterrestrial being took place in West Virginia in 1952 by two young men and wikipedia gives a good a description of what allegedly happened, which turns out to be pretty creepy. Imagine encountering some type of horrific monster that crashed from a UFO, then being sick for with a mysterious illness not long after. If the whole thing was just a hoax, it would seem a little bit strange that they both got sick. Some believe it could have been some type of virus from out of space while others believe it was from some type of fuel used to power the spacecraft that crashed. The whole event was well documented by newspapers. The boys both describe the monster as being about 7-10 feet tall with shrilling red eyes and long skinny arms and fingers. Almost seems too strange to not be real. There wasn’t only one reported sighting like this in west virginia either

4. Mothman
Mothman is a mythical creature, some type of evil winged humanoid bat like beast, that some believe is an omen of doom. Most people report seeing him while driving and has been known to fly onto the hood of people’s cars. Eyewitnesses report seeing a gargoyle like animal that’s seven to 8 feet tall with a wingspan of over 10 feet. The town in West Virginia called Point Pleasant, was where it all began, there’s even a statue in his honor. If you were to capture mothman with your dashcam, this is probably what it’d look like.

3.Young Teazer
This is was American schooner that sunk due to an explosion in 1813 near Nova Scotia Canada, during the War of 1812 near the Mahone Bay. Inhabitants of Nova Scotia began reporting sightings of ghost ships in the same place as it exploded and often on the day it exploded, June 27th. This was reportedly witnessed by a lot of people. When it vanishes, it apparently disappears behind a cloud of flames. Some claim this can be optical illusions due to a full moon but there still sightings by boats in that area and they’re known as the teazer lights. It’s now a well known urban legend in Nova Scotia.

2. Fast Radio Bursts
With the increase in space technology, it seems like we’re getting closer and closer to making contact. A mysterious phenomenon was noticed by scientists in 2007 which only lasted a few milliseconds but it emits an immense amount of energy. The astrophysics department at Cornell university has even discussed this as a serious possibility of extraterrestrial civilization in the conclusion of their investigation. In just milliseconds, fast radio bursts emit more energy than the entire sun during a 24 hour period. No one can seem to truly understand the real origin of these bursts

1. Shroud of Turin
Is it possible this shroud of cloth was the actual burial cloth of Jesus Christ or was the entire thing a massive hoax conducted by the Catholic Church? A shroud would definitely try to help the church’s cause for the nonbelievers. Many do firmly believe this is the true image of their Lord and it’s currently held in the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist in Turin, Italy. Pope’s have described it as an icon, the holy face of Jesus and a mirror of the Gospel. Some serious words from pretty important guys. However, carbon dating hasn’t really backed them up too much. A Swiss Federal Technology Institute concluded with 95% confidence that the shroud dates back to 1260-1390 AD. But what about that 5 %? The -red stain did contain iron oxide which is found in blood but still could be anyone’s blood. The shroud is a relic of faith nonetheless.

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