Most MYSTERIOUS Alien Places

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Okay you guys, so the area 51 raid didn’t work out too well but don’t worry, there are plenty of other places you can raid and spots where aliens have been witnessed before in the past. If you’re determined about finding out the truth and have a good travelling budget, american eye would definitely recommend checking out some of these places and gather as much info as possible

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7. Area 51
The government expects us to simply believe that area 51 is nothing but a testing base for new aircraft, but this base wasn’t even acknowledged by the government until 2013, despite over 40 years of active use. While raiding this location proved to be more difficult than expected, it might still be necessary to find out the truth about aliens on earth. Many believe that after the mysterious crash at Roswell, alien bodies were transported from New Mexico, to be stored at this top secret military base. It’s still in the middle of the desert, is in an extremely isolated place and anyone who drives within 10 miles of it will be spotted by camo dudes. Deadly force can and probably will be used to anyone who trespasses. There is clearly something the government doesn’t want us to know about here and it seems to be a little more than just testing new aircraft. If they were hiding evidence of extraterrestrial life, this would be the perfect place. ARea 51 scientist, Bob Lazar, claimed that grey aliens did indeed work in collaboration with the US government at this base and body language experts have claimed that he appears to be telling the truth

6.ARea 51 Alien center
So you raided area 51 and all you got was a tshirt huh! Although it might be a little bit touristy now, the area 51 alien center is located about an hour’s drive outside Las Vegas and would be one of the more convenient places to go to on this list. The gas here is pretty cheap, there’s plenty of good alien themed souvenirs and maybe the cashier can give you some interesting If you failed in finding yourself an alien catwoman, no need to worry. There’s the alien cathouse nearby which should be able to satisfy all your probing fantasies. It’s really not all that close to area 51 and if you want actually be closer to the base, you should check out the next place on this list.

5. LIttle Alien
Located in the middle of nowhere, USA in Rachel Nevada you’ll find a motel that’s dedicated to giving you the truth about area 51 and we should also mention, this is the closest town to the top secret government facility that you can get without getting harrassed by the camo dudes. If you take at a look at it on google earth, you can tell that only bald mountain is separating you from the truth! Earthlings are welcome to stay here at the little aleinn and it’s one of the top motels used by ufologists to try to get a look at what’s going on around the corner. With out all the lights from the big city, the Nevada skies will likely be clear enough for you to look into the cosmos and decide for yourself if we’re all alone.

4.Alien Research Center Hiko Nevada
The small city of Hiko, Nevada only has a population of 119 people, so you might have been a little bit concerned when 2 million people were planning on raiding an air force base close to your town. The city was much larger at one point in time and it was once home to many silver mines. Today, it’s home some ranches and also the Area 51 research center where many truth seekers arrived during the event on september 20th. This photo here shows a statue of some type of hybrid grey alien who’s had enough genetic mutations to the point where he’s grown to over 20 feet tall!

3.Ufo WatchTower Colorado
This next one is located in the state of Colorado in the middle of nowhere near Alamosa. Also located in the desert, this UFO information center hopes to use the lack of lights in the area to look up into the skies in order to spot a UFO. Truth seekers find themselves flocking to this strategic location which has a 360 degree view of the San Luis Valley. It was created by a cattle farmer, Judy Messoline, in order to make some extra money from her property. Since the site was created, it’s received widespread media attention.

2.Contemporary Art Museum Brazil
This mysterious masterpiece was finished in 1996 by Oscar Niemeyer and it appears to be a flying saucer overlooking the Guanabara Bay. It’s a well-known and thriving artistic center that adds a sense of modernization to the city. The entrance features a curving 98 meter long ramp. It houses works of art, known as the “Truth” by artist Roberto Coda Zabetta. The art show was built in honor to the Brazilians who were captured or mysteriously vanished during the time when the 21 year military government dictatorship took place. It seems like the perfect place to visit on the weekend where there is live music starting at 9 pm.


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