MOST INSANE Hybrid Animals

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It could be just a matter of time when the hybrids begin to take over here! From grolar bears to wholphins here are the most insane hybrid animals.

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5. Iron Age Pig

In an attempt to recreate wild boar to nearly the same genetic makeup as it had in the Iron age, British breeders and researchers got together and decided which domestic pigs to mix with wild boars. They concluded with a rare irish pig breed called a Tamworth and your common european wild boar. These are seemingly only bred in europe and the farmers who raise the hybrids cater to a very specific customer who wants a more gamey taste to it. The appearance and the aggressiveness of the wild boar turn to be dominate which has made these difficult to domesticate. After three generations of breeding, you probably wouldn’t even realize the pig had any domestication in its lineage without a really close inspection. Wild boar populating with sow has happened naturally in Australia

4. Sheep Goat Hybrid

Following the trend of wild animals reproducing with their domestic counterpart, this hybrid is also known as a geep and can occur in nature. Most of the time, it results in a still birth but rare cases are known to exist. These hybrids are quite rare but it indicates the goats true origins. In the year 2000, a live goat mated with a female sheep in an experiment. It had a total of 57 chromosomes which is right between the number the two. The result was a male geep who have an intense desire for the female ewe, despite being completely infertile. Other sheep goats hybrids have been able to breed with other ram and in 2014 healthy geep were reproduced. Just recently in 2018, two twin geep were created in Ireland, which shows us that geep could be a thing of the future and they’re also pretty cute!

3. Humanzee

Experiments to create a half human half chimpanzee date back to the 1920’s by russian scientists, Ilya Ivanov. This weirdo tried some bizarre experiments that we won’t get into but well just say they didn’t work! The man was eventually arrested but his idea of creating a humanzee has intrigued many. Also known as the Manazee or chuman, legends exist around the world about mysterious apes. One human like chimpanzee known as oliver is rumored to be a hybrid but certainly nothing was proven. His ability to walk on two made rumors fly that he was created in a lab. He also seemed to have a libido that was driven to human females over other apes. Also having one less chromosome than other chimps, some have claimed him as the missing link. In any case, chimps are very similar to human genetically but if we spliced genes any further, what would the result be? Would we just go back to the way we were in the past? Which genes would remain dominant, and what advanced behavior would we see that we aren’t accustomed to from chimps? Will they finally learn to use cell phones too! Hopefully the experiments don’t go to far or we might end up in a real life planet of the apes scenario where they become the rulers.

2. Biggest Hybrid Animal

A liger, or mix between a lion and tiger can grow to massive sizes and are believed to represent not only the largest known cat in the world! But also the largest successful hybrid. They end up bigger than their parents, weighing 750 pounds on average. This liger named Hercules, was recognized by guinness world records as the largest non-obese living cat on earth, weighing in at 922 pounds. He is healthy and appears to be living a long good life. They can also measure 9.8 feet long to 11 feet.

1. Hybrid Land Marine Iguanas

On the galapagos islands you’ll come across an interesting species of iguana known as the marine iguana which can swim at high speeds through the pacific ocean. We’re sure you’re also familiar with normal iguanas which are commonly found in tropical areas of the galapagos islands. Some of those iguanas evolved to be able to eat algae in the water and they eventually became a different subspecies on the galapagos. Now an interesting development in genetics here seems to show that land iguanas can still mate with land iguanas.This photo here we see a true hybrid. With a short supply of food in the ocean, they tend to resort to their land dwelling instincts which is exposes them to new potential mates. Feisty marine iguanas have been known to reproduce with lonely female iguanas near the shore, which results in a hybrid which is typically sterile. Hybrids are notable for their sharp claws and survival abilities in both land and sea. They eat cactus fruit and seaweed and some have called it a mutant

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