MOST Bizarre Things Found Inside GIANT Snakes

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From snakes dining on each other … to documented man-eaters … here are 14 bizarre things found inside of giant snakes

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#6 Last Supper
Ever hear someone say they were so hungry they could eat a horse? Well, a hungry 20 foot python in India managed to scarfe down another type of ungulate — an entire, fully grown antelope. The reptile managed to swallow the critter whole … but paid a price for its big appetite. The huge snake could barely budge on the ground with its belly horrendously distended by antelope within. And it never got to enjoy its meal, since the animal died soon after. Experts say that pythons can take a few weeks to properly digest prey that’s been swallowed whole. After that, the reptiles can go for months without needing to feed again. In the case of this gluttonous python, though, that is no longer a concern.

#5 Monkeying Around
In South Africa, a huge python decided to add some primate to its meal … so it chose a Vervet monkey, which it dragged into the bushes to devour. A conservation student said he witnessed the large reptile constricting about the monkey to suffocate it … and went on to open its jaws wide enough to consume its prey over the span of several hours. Vervet monkeys are native to Africa, and can grow about 19 inches long and weigh a little under 20 pounds. No doubt that was a super sized meal for the snake to ingest all in one fell swoop (or gulp as the case might be). Later, the python was too lethargic to budge … and the shape of its primate prey could still be discerned within its body.

#4 Points Taken
Snakes will take on just about any animal when they’re hungry enough … but this is the first time we’ve heard of the reptiles taking on a porcupine … and judging from these pictures, it’ll be the last time for this o ne particular snake. A 13 foot rock python was found dead at a game reserve in South Africa … after having swallowed a 30 pound porcupine! Experts said the big rodent’s quills stabbed the snake’s innards while it tried to digest its meal. But whether that’s the only cause of death is unclear … the snake was thought to have suffered a fall from a rocky ledge, which may have killed it. Either way, those spines impaling the reptile’s digestive tract must have made for a bitter quill to swallow.

#3 Tastes Like Chicken
There’s an old expression, “Their eyes were bigger than their stomach”. That’s kind of the case with a lot of these massive snakes that are determined to chow down anything that gets in the way of their appetite. It was no different with a 10 foot python in Thailand. It slid into a garden during thle night and managed to swallow down not one but two fighting roosters … which were valued at close to $500 each. The owner of the birds found the reptilian culprit lying in the street, unable to move … because the birds had become jammed inside the snake’s throat. Animal rescue workers managed to extract the roosters, and the snake was released back to the wild after the fowl episode.

#2 Two Fangs v 100 Legs
That’s kind of an oblique reference to a strange episode that involved an epic struggle between a snake (the fangs), and a centipede (100 legs). And this story doesn’t really involve a giant snake, but it’s so unusual that we’re including it anyway. This happened in Macedonia, on the island of Golem Grad … which is also known as Snake Island. That’s where researchers saw the hideous sight of a horn nosed viper that had a centipede which had exploded out of her belly … not unlike a scene from “Alien”. Both animals were dead when discovered. Experts think the 8-inch reptile didn’t realize how big a meal the centipede represented … because the centipede was 6 inches, close to the size of the snake. Even so, it was swallowed alive and whole. But centipedes are fierce predators too, and that one managed to be the snake’s last supper.

#1 Eaten Alive
And for our number one choice, we have a verified account of a true man eater. And while many beasts may have been called such, this enormous reticulated python more than earned the title. The day after a 25 year old man was reported missing in a remote village of Indonesia, a search party was formed to find him. The next night, a massive reticulated python was laid sprawled in the man’s garden. The beast was more than 20 feet long … and had a bulge in its body that made everyone in the search party nervous. After slicing open the snake’s belly, their fears were confirmed. As the reptile’s skin was peeled back, the corpse of the missing man was removed. Experts say the monster had swallowed him whole after suffocating him. It’s the only fully verified case of a python deliberately killing and eating an adult human being.

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