MOST Bizarre Superstitions!

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Many of us hear about certain rituals or things that are done in order to bring good luck. Ancient superstitions are still here with us after thousands of years and the reasons we still do. If you claim to not have any, you’re probably lying. Other countries around the world also have some interesting traditions that the west might not truly understand. From the reasons for friday the 13th, to avoiding that black cat, here are the most bizarre superstitions

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6.Birthday Superstition
Make sure you know the exact date of a German person’s birthday before you congratulate them. The Germans are very particular about this and don’t like it when someone wishes them happy birthday unless it’s actually their birthday. They’re very serious about this and might even unfriend you for doing so. It’s considered to be extremely bad luck to wish them a happy birthday even a minute earlier. It’s also important to make eye contact while making a toast or it’s seemed as insincere. Some more unwritten rules about Germany; never give a woman red roses unless you’re interested in them romantically. Never give them white flowers as those are typically reserved for graveyards. Germans are also very punctual people meaning you don’t want to show up late to an important event such as a birthday party.

5.Japanese Ghost Apartments
We’ve brought up the dilemma before about moving into a home that might be haunted but for a cheaper price. There is really no other country that’s quite as superstitious about living somewhere that might be haunted. An apartment that housed a person who lived a lonely life and passed away or from a tragic incident there can go for half the price than it usually would. Real estate agents are required to give away certain details. Also known as stigmatized houses, they usually have a dark past within the past 5 years. People who often take the reduced price in rent will report seeing ghosts. They’re often occupied by westerners who aren’t as afraid of ghosts or by low income people who don’t have much of a choice.

4.Dream Superstitions
We’ve all probably had a few crazy dreams before in our life and just brushed it off like it wasn’t a big deal but in ancient egypt, your dream had serious mystical importance and every part about it had some kind of meaning. People would actually hire a priest after a dream in some occasions to help them comprehend what was going on in their heads. Some priests would have extensive dream comprehension training. Bizarre things such as seeing a large cat in your dreams would mean something such as a bountiful harvest in the years to come. If you saw the face of a leopard it meant that you would soon be a powerful individual of a community. Some might arrange to sleep at a temple in order to receive a message from the gods while they were sleeping. Do you ever feel like your dreams might be able to answer some questions?

3.Rabbit’s foot
You might want to bring your lucky rabbit’s foot with you if you go to Las Vegas and try to win millions at the casinos! Rabbits as a good luck charm dates back to ancient times. With many civilizations having a great appreciation for fertilization, no animal seems to get lucky quite as much as a bunny. People seemed to notice that rabbit’s could reproduce fairly quickly and effectively and figured that if they owned any part of the rabbit, they too would also be able to have lots of children. People started by using the ears as a good luck charm but it eventually evolved into being the foot.

The name of a famous casino in Las Vegas was once Binion’s Horseshoe because of the superstitious beliefs that horseshoes bring good. This legend originated from a man named St Dunstan in the 10th century. The legend goes that he was visited by a strange creature, possibly a demon that wanted to have new hooves put on. St. Dunstan then nailed the horseshoe onto the creature with such force, that it would never want to return ever again. In order to scare away evil spirits, people then began hanging up horseshoes on their doors to keep them out. Others also felt as though goblins who were stealing babies were afraid of metal like iron


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