Foods NOT Allowed in North Korea

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With historic relations at an all time high with south korea, maybe some of these foods will be allowed here or even plentiful if things continue advancing. From some of our favorite fast food item, to other things in short supply, here are 15 foods not allowed in North Korea.

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5. Chestnuts
According to South Korea, North Korea are running extremely low on chestnuts which is a prime ingredient in their chicken noodle soup. Some places have decided to stope selling them, because it requires a lot of refrigeration to keep them in good condition. It seemed to them that having the electricity constantly running was a difficult challenge since the capital city is rumored to have dozens of power outages each day. There might be more food available in this country if electric power and refrigeration were simpler. I guess there won’t be chestnuts roasting over an open fire comvv e christmas time in the republic!

4. Barbecue
Although you might find hamburgers, one thing that’s not allowed is the barbecue sauce or traditional american meat cuisine. That means the McRib is double banned! Some of our favorites such as brisket, pulled pork, and even ribs are unavailable to a great majority of the people. Although korean barbecue is rather popular in the US, it’s mostly a south korean thing and some have called it a scarce and expensive resource. Only 2 pounds of quality beef here can fetch prices as high as the same price for 22 bags of rice. There seems to be a focus on quantity over quality when it comes to agriculture in North Korea.

3. Stuffed Crust Pizza from Pizza Hut
The people of the Democratic Republic of North Korea may never get to experience the joy of eating stuffed crust pizza and this on it’s own seems to be a humanitarian crisis. pizza hut seemingly opened up a pandora’s box as soon as they starting making stuffed crust pizza available. Not long after, pretty much everything was finding its way into your crust and they was nothing you could do about it! Things like hot dogs, nacho cheese, to pineapples and pepperoni were all getting in there! Here in this photo we see the pizza hut advertisement for shrimp stuffed crust, making you wonder, what else will pizza companies put in our crust! What happened to the good ole days, when crust was just bread? Normal if it tastes good, it’ll find a way to get there, just watch out! Pizza is still widely available but apparently there’s one topping that truly is banned. The Anchovy! Kim Jong un reported hates these smelly little fish and won’t allow them.

2. Chicken
When your muscles need a lean source of protein, especially after a work out, find yourself some rotisserie chicken and get to work! It’s available at typically any grocery store you go to, it tastes good, and it stays good for about a week if you put it in the fridge, which might make it more difficult to find in North Korea. This fairly common animal finds itself on the plates of americans by the tons each day but is rather scarce here. Some feel as though this is a direct factor for widespread malnutrition. According to a study at the University of Seoul, North Koreans are on average 1.2 to 3.1 inches shorter than their neighbors to the south. According to the UN, children being treated for malnutrition here rose 30% from 2014 to 2015. Malnutrition has also lead to things such as cataracts developing at an alarming rate, especially among young people at an age where most people wouldn’t develop such an condition. Being able to afford a decent meal with protein is nothign to take for granted.

Choco Pies
This infamous snack food that manufactured in South Korea is said to be extremely delicious and similar to american moon pies. They’ve even been used to try to provoke an uprising of the people. South Korean activists sent over 10,000 choco pies over the border using balloons in 2014 and you better believe those aren’t allowed. The protestors argued that they want north koreans on the other side to get a little taste of what capitalism is like and the people over there will enjoy the food. The pies are said to be extremely popular among the north koreans for those lucky enough to snag a couple of balloons. Maybe amazon could start delivering packages like that? Who konws!

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