Animals With UNBELIEVABLE Adaptations

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A long time ago, humans were living in caves and with our ability to adapt, we fought off the saber tooth tigers, ate large woolly mammoths and adapted to strange conditions of our environment.

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6. The Gerenuk

5. GReat White Sharks
The closer you look at the anatomy of a great white shark, the more you realize the adaptations if must have gone through to in order to be one of the top predators of the sea. Not only do the perfectly designed fins allow them to be extremely mobile, moving at quick speeds to catch quicker fish. Instead of bones, sharks have a skeleton made of cartilage which is much lighter. A good analogy for this would be like a racing car made with carbon fiber instead of aluminum. With multiple layers of teeth, a shark can chomp away through bones or shells with no problems. If it loses one tooth, it’s not a big deal because they got rows of em! Their extremely large jaws can hold about 300 teeth despite possibly losing one or two each week. It even has a six sense that allows it to detect electricity flowing through other animals, almost like radar. With no seaborn predators, this thing eats when it wants!

4. Honey Badger
Speaking of wild animals that take what they want, this ferocious little predator laughs in the face of venomous snakes, partially thanks to some crazy adaptations. They’re known to get into some fights with animals much larger than itself. If a giant monitor lizard tries to go after their badger hole, it’s almost like a meal knocking on it’s front door. Cobra bites might cause him to take a little nap but normally he’ll shake it off as if it’s nothing. Due to their thick, tough skin, honey badgers essentially are wearing body armor all the time. It needs this adaptation because it enjoys honey as a desert, meaning he has to confront the bees who are making it. Sometimes, they might overestimate their own toughness though, and a ton of bee stings are needed to bring one down.

3. Fanged Deer
Are deers really strict vegans or do they occasionally deviate to eating meat? If so, why do some have fangs? Also known as the musk deer, these rare sought after deer are typically saught after for their unique musk pods. Dubbed as the vampire deer by national geographic, the teeth may be utilised under drastic situations. They tend to show off these seemingly useless fangs a little bit more prominently when predators get close or to rival males who seem to be hitting on their doe. The teeth are actually controlled by facial muscles and only really come out at the sight of danger. This helps with their vampire reputation and you’d probably run away in fear if you saw those fangs come out! Some cameras have caught deer feasting on baby birds during the night. So you have to wonder if maybe these deer too.

2. Hippo Blood Sweat
Have you ever worked out hard enough to the point where you’re sweating blood? Most likely not! Hippos don’t either but they do secrete a strange red colored liquid which technically isn’t even considered sweat at all. This is often why their skin seems a little pinkish in most occasions.You see hippos are actually very sensitive to total sunlight, and this is why they spend much of the time in the water. Without this secretion, their skin would dry up rapidly underneath the hot african sun. Sweat that comes from humans will evaporate which cools this skin, the hippos blood sweat will actually moisturize their skin from the sun, and even help their skin from becoming to pruney from the water, like how your hands are after a long time in a hot tub!

1. The Lungless Salamander
What kind of adaptations of the human body do you think we will have to make in the future? Probably nothing this drastic but it would be cool if we could just breathe through our skin right? Salamanders have adapted to the point where they don’t even need lungs anymore. Now that’s pretty impressive. They don’t even need gills! They absorb oxygen from the air it’s surrounded by and that’s quite a rare feat. There are more than 370 lungless amphibians out there which are typically found in the americas. You don’t always realize this but just breathing with our lungs can take up quite of energy and takes away a lot of attention from our nervous system. For humans, we only burn about 40-55 calories on average each hour but when you’re in survival mode, those extra calories could prove to be crucial for survival

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