Animals Found FROZEN In Ice !

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From organisms that can survive being completely frozen, to extinct animals that look almost the same way they did thousands of years ago. Here are Animals Frozen in Ice.

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5. Giant Penguin Fossils
Recent discoveries in Antarctica reveals fossils of a massive penguin that stood slightly taller than average sized humans. This interesting find was discovered by a group of researchers from Argentina. They decided to name him the Colossus penguin. Sounds like it would make for a good movie. The bones that were discovered makes researchers believe that these penguins would stand 2 meters or 6 foot 8 inches tall. That’s about as tall as Lebron James but still much cooler.! Penguins would use this height to their advantage and be able to hunt larger fish and swim faster. The biggest existing penguin is only 4 foot 5 inches on average tall known as the emperor penguin.

4. Yukagir Bison
This photo here gives us the rare opportunity to see what an extinct animal looks like with incredible accuracy. In 2011, remains of the preserved yukagir bison were discovered in Siberia and scientists quickly and examined the specimen to learn as much as possible. This photo here shows the brain scan of the mummy which is remarkable preserved. After a thorough autopsy, they determined that the animal may have died of starvation due to a lack of fat that was preserved. Also known as the Steppe Bison, some of these have been found in Alaska and preserved in glacial ice. This one we see in particular has a little bit of a bluish tint to it, due to a chemical reaction with the phosphorus in its body

3. Watermelon Ice
Although you could consider this an microorganism and not an animal, it’s quite impressive to see how something can live on ice and almost prefer those conditions. Pink snow is known to happen at high altitudes in places like the Himalayas and northern latitudes. But what on earth is it! The Arctic was originally described by the British explorer John Ross in the early 1800’s. There’s seems be an unprecedented amount of this mysterious snow in the Arctic in recent years. Originally it was believed that it was a chemical reaction from meteoric iron deposits but recent studies prove otherwise. Biologists now came to the conclusion that the watermelon ice is actually from a chemical reaction with a species of algae that loves cold weather. In its original form, it’s actually green but as it begins to absorb UV rays it turns into the reddish color you see in this photo. The strange algae is actually beginning to bloom and some claim this could be the reason the ice caps are melting at a faster rate.

2. Presbyornis Fossils
The reminisce of a giant bird that once roamed the arctic about 53 million years ago, on what once was actually swampy land. This discovery was made on Ellesmere Island in the 1970’s. This creature was a 6 foot, flightless bird that was believed to have weighed several thousand pounds and had a head the size of a horse’s. Originally thought to be a carnivore, these birds were most likely vegan and feasted on nuts, berries, leaves and seeds. During the Eocene Epoch, the climate was warm and rainy without the ice caps we know of today, allowing this species to survive. These toes bones that were found on the isolated island of Ellesmere, matched with the bones of the Presbyornis found in Wyoming and are the first to suggest that they lived above the arctic circle.

1. The Horse of 1926
In Canada, passersby made a pretty startling discovery when they came across about a dozen horses completely frozen in ice. It turned out that the horses had actually escaped from their stables which were on fire and fell into to a semi frozen river which sent them to their uncomfortable end. After a few days went by, villagers of winter park discovered the horses which were completely trapped by their necks. It strangely enough became some kind of winter spectacle which people would hang out at. Weekly jogs and jamborees would take place at the spot with the horse heads. Some would even use the heads as chairs for pic nics. Some are still curious whether or not this legend is true but video evidence seems to support some of these claims. Let us know what you think in the comment section.

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