ABANDONED Places In France

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France is a large and mysterious country and has been home to mysterious people since the stone age. It’s been the venue for some of the world’s most horrific battles and conflicts since the medieval times and a lot of fortifications have been left over. From cities that were left in complete ruins but kept around for historical reasons, to missile silo that was built to fire a missile at the US! Here are abandoned places in France.

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6.The Verdun Forest
Located in the country of France, there’s a zone rouge that no one is allowed to build anything on especially farms or houses. It’s land that’s been declared as completely devastated, Human life is impossible and 100 percent impossible to clean. The battle of Verdun in France was one of the longest and biggest battle during world war I and the area is still closed off due to arsenic poisoning and undetonated explosives. These photos are showing you a place that used to be considered no man’s land and you can still see how a battle has shaped this land. Forests here seem quite bizarre. It’s rumored to still be littered with thousands of skeletons. Trenches are still noticeable, barbed wire is on the ground and artillery shells are turning to rust. Much of the forest was simply destroyed from artillery shells and poisonous chemical weapons filled the air during this battle. This photo here displays an entrance to forte marre which is complete inaccessible due to the extreme shelling it received, which could make it collapse at any moment.

5.Atlantic Wall
It became rather clear that germany would be invaded by the allies from the north during the 1940’s. In an effort to halt their efforts, a massive construction project would take place complete with towers, artillery, radar systems and of course a vast tunnel system with room for thousands of people. This would be known as the Atlantic wall and although it would prove to be ineffective, The Walls and ceiling of these bunkers were made from concrete and ranged from 2 to 5 meters thick. Beach head artillery ensured destruction of ships across the horizon and the beaches were littered with landmines. Many tunnels were constructed in an effort to turn the whole island into a massive fortress making up part of the atlantic wall.

Oradour sur glane was a small French city near Limoges that was destroyed during world war II. During the D-Day invasion of Normandy, an armored Panzer division was ordered to head north to stop the allied assault. A group of the French Resistance was stationed at this city and tried their best to intercept the counterattack. They put up a good fight but it clearly wasn’t enough. The Germans also believed that one of their commanders were being held hostage in this town and in exchange for 30 civilians of the town being held hostage, they wanted their commander. But something didn’t quite go right during this negotiation and the entire city was rased. The French thought about rebuilding the city, but Charles de Gaulle didn’t want to. He prefered that the ruins of the town be left the way it was to show how brutal the germans were on this day.

3.Eperlecques Bunker
This bunker located in the northernmost region of France occupied an extremely important strategic area, not too far away from the English channel. This bunker would have made it easy for the Germans to launch V-2 rockets into London and took up enough space to fit 100 missiles. No other country besides Germany had the capabilities in creating the devastating V2 rockets at this time which would be able to precisely strike targets in London and other places. In 1943, the fortress was approved and construction began quickly after. Laborers got to work and used steel reinforced concrete to make the ceiling 16 feet thick and the outer walls 11 feet thick in order to withstand enemy bombing raids. One of the reasons why they went through extensive measures to fortify this bunker, was because lots of rocket fuel was being inside and they didn’t want to explode. The super bunker however, would never get the chance to be fully operational it was captured by allied forces in 1944. It’s currently a museum and open to the public

2.La Coupole
Another construction project that was sniffed out by the allies, la coupole was another launch base for the Germans that would have targeted london. The main thing that makes this spot different from the last one we mentioned is that fact that there’s a giant dome that could almost be mistaken for some kind of indoor sports stadium. The grandiose facility was constructed to hold on to v2 rockets, rocket fuel, and warheads and would have launched them as well. An underground railway tunnel was built which would have made it easier to transport rocket supplies. It had big expectations and was meant to be the launching site for an intercontinental missile that could have reached new york city.


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