Abandoned Hotels Around The World

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From hotels affected by economic crises to resort towns deserted nearly overnight, here are abandoned hotels Around the world.

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5. Ducor Hotel, Liberia
You might not really plan to visit the country of Liberia anytime soon and if you do, you might want to cancel. Because the Ducor Hotel is abandoned. This first class international hotel was constructed in the capital city of Monrovia, overlooking a great view. Back in the day, the hotel was an important meeting location for powerful African Leaders but now, it’s just sitting there left for the elements to erode it away. Situated close the the UN building here it was established in the 1960’s during a time when diplomacy was crucial in this area. The 12 story hotel featured a beautiful swimming pool, tennis courts and a French restaurant. It was very popular with wealthy tourists from around Europe and africa until the civil war took over the area. It endured much damage and looting almost instantly and was occupied by displaced residents, and most likely still is.

4. Coco Palms Resort
Once made famous for being the perfect tropical getaway in the state of Hawaii, Coco Palms resort was almost like a 2nd home to rich and famous celebrities, in particular Elvis Presley. It’s said to be on sacred Native hawaiian land and possibly haunted. The land used here disputably stands on ancient Hawaiin Royal Property which caused a big uproar by those who were here first. It opened in 1952 regardless and it became extremely popular within a short period of time. However, people tend to prefer staying in risky spots like hawaii might unexpectedly have to deal with volcanoes or hurricanes from time to time. A storm hit the hotel in 1992 and since then, it’s been hard to repair it. In 2014 it caught on fire and it’s condition keeps getting worse and worse. Just recently in 2017 efforts to exclude squatters from staying there went into effect.

3. Varosha, Cyprus Hotels
In 1974, the an unexpected event took place when Turkey sent armed forces onto the island of Cyprus, partially backed by the US government.Varosha was a once prosperous beach town where wealthy families enjoyed spending their vacations. At a population of at least 40,000 people calling this place home in 1973, that number turned to zero fairly quickly. The Turks claim that ethnic Turkish people living in the area were targets of genocide. Instead of bright, shiny lights, the only thing you’ll see from the hotels now are broken windows and crumbling walls. Luckily photographers were still able to snatch some good photos of what still remains in this area, although it’s forbidden by the Turkish. Hotels along the beaches of the mediterranean sea are now vacant and it’s been one of the creepiest abandoned places ever since.

2. Hotel Pripyat
You don’t need to bring your suitcase to this one and you probably already know why it’s abandoned. One of the most horrific nuclear disasters took place at the Chernobyl power causing not just the entire city to become abandoned but also this hotel. Also known as Hotel Polissia, this spot is pretty easy to check out on google maps and get an eerie vibe from it. It was once in the heart of the city, it would commonly house scientists and nuclear experts researching the powerplant, which ironically brought an end to the hotel business here. If you’re crazy enough to come to pripyat, this hotel will certainly be on the tour guide. We wouldn’t suggest staying the night here though. Yelp reviews say it might be a little out of date and maids never come by any more.

1.Bokor Palace, Cambodia
This place is creepy looking from the inside and outside! Our next one is located in the country of Cambodia and some of the history here is a little too gruesome to mention on youtube. The hotel here was once a very lively place and the casino brought in tourists from around the world. It featured plenty of rooms, shops, a post office but in the 1940’s the european crowd stopped coming here and during 1940’s, it fell into the wrong hands of the Khmer Rouge. Some claim members of this regime did awful things here at this hotel and utilized it as one of their strongholds. The cambodians were firmly entrenched here until the Vietnamese invasion in 1979. Much tropical rainforest that once covered the area is gone due to this conflict. Once the Khmer Rough was outlawed by the new government, it hasn’t operated as any kind of functional building. And like the others, it sits there abandoned!

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