9 Reasons Some People Can’t Sleep

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Reasons why people can’t sleep. From rare sleep disorders to cases of insomnia that run in the family. Here are multiple reasons why people can’t get some rest at night.

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Number 9 Obstructive Sleep Apnea
People with obstructive sleep apnea are known to snore and the disorder is characterized by pauses in breathing during sleep. That’s because the throat muscles become relaxed, thus blocking the airway. The periods of decreased breathing are called ‘apneas’, which literally translates as ‘without breath’, and they can last from 20 to 40 seconds. The brain then kicks into gear causing the sleeper to wake up and re-open the airway. This sleep/wake process can occur several times every night, hence they are left without restful sleep and become tired during the day. Many people experience obstructive sleep apnea at some point during their lives and it usually lasts a short period of time. A small degree of it is actually within the boundaries of normal sleep. However, chronic and severe forms of this disorder are known to wreak havoc on overall health.
Number 8 Head Syndrome
Judging by its name, this head syndrome, or EHS, may sound like the scariest one on this list. However, that really isn’t the case. It’s characterized by the person experiencing a very loud unreal noise, such as an explosion or cymbals hitting each other, while they’re falling asleep or waking up.
Number 7 Narcolepsy
People that suffer from narcolepsy are overwhelmingly tired during waking hours and may experience sudden sleep attacks. They may fall asleep, often without warning, multiple times during the day. They may also experience cataplexy, a sudden loss of muscle tone, which usually follows a strong emotional response such as laughter. People with narcolepsy tend to sleep as many hours as those without it but the quality of sleep is much worse. The cause for the disorder is unknown but, in up to 10% of cases, the onset is genetic. Its manifestation involves the loss of neurons which release orexin, a peptide that regulates wakefulness. There’s no known cure for this condition but certain medications and lifestyle changes can help manage it.
Number 6
Unlike nightmares, occur during non-REM sleep. The distinction didn’t exist up until rapid eye movement was discovered. Sleepwalking is often associated with it. They appear to be confused, inconsolable and unresponsive to attempts of communicating with them. They may, in some cases, seem wide awake, but they aren’t and trying to wake them isn’t recommended.
Number 5 Sleep
During REM sleep brain activity increases significantly and we begin to dream. Sometimes, people wake up during REM sleep while they still can’t move. They’re aware of their surroundings and want to move or speak but they simply can’t. It has been proposed as an explanation for many reported paranormal experiences.
Number 4 Nightmare Disorder
Nightmares are not uncommon and most people experience them from time to time. Yet, for those suffering from nightmare disorder, the occurrence is much more frequent and it can be debilitating. The sleeper may scream and yell out things during the nightmare. The threatening, frightening dreams may cause people to wake up and vividly remember their experience.
Number 3
It is a type of parasomnia, an abnormal activity that an individual performs during sleep. Unlike other forms of parasomnia, like sleepwalking, the discussion of this one is marked by hesitance and lack of research.
Number 2 REM Sleep Behavior Disorder
The underlying causes aren’t well understood but, according to some theories, RBD is most likely a symptom of neurodegenerative diseases. The manifestation of RBD usually involves the person who is sleeping acting out their dreams.
Number 1 Familial Insomnia
There is no known cure for FFI and things have been found to only hasten its progression and worsen its symptoms. One of the more recent reports regarding the disease involved siblings, Hayley and Lachlan Webb, from Queensland, Australia. Hayley and Lachlan first became aware of FFI in their teens, when their grandmother was diagnosed with it.

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