8 Strangest Bodily Growths

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People with horns & other abscesses growing out of their bodies. Here are the strangest bodily growths.

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Number 8 Excess Hair
Also known as Werewolf Syndrome, hypertrichosis is a condition in which an abnormal amount of hair grows on the body. It can either be congenital or acquired. Congenital hypertrichosis is rarer. It’s present at birth and caused by a genetic mutation. Acquired hypertrichosis is usually treatable and may be caused by eating disorders, cancerous diseases or possible side effects of certain drugs. In the 19thand early 20thcenturies, people suffering from hypertrichosis were a frequent occurrence in circus sideshow acts, such as the Bearded Lady.
Number 7 Elephantiasis
According to numerous statistics, mosquitoes are the deadliest creatures on the planet. This is because they ingest disease-causing organisms which they transmit to human beings as well as other animals. There are some transmitted diseases that, even though theydon’t kill people, have some truly horrific repercussions. Certain microscopic parasitic worms that mosquitoes carry can only live in human lymph tissue.
Number 6 Teratoma
During digs at a site in Portugal, archaeologists discovered the remains of a woman who died in gruesome manner about 1,600 years before. When they examined the remains, they found that an ovarian tumor had been growing inside her pelvis. They soon noticed that the tumor had four deformed teeth. The site where the remains were found had been used as a Roman necropolis. Although it isn’t exactly clear how the woman died, one theory is that the tumor had pushed her organs out of place. It’s also believed that, towards the end, she would have been able to feel the teeth press against her insides. It’s currently regarded as the oldest caseof a woman with this type of tumor, which in the medical field is known as a teratoma.
Number 5 Pineal Gland Tumor
When he was in his 20s, Shawn Thornton started having strange hallucinations in the form of chaotic and vivid imagery. Even though he had experimented with casual drug use before, he was sober when the hallucinations began. They were also unlike anything he’d ever felt before. It’s believed that the visuals were similar to what a person experiences on DMT, but Thornton had never tried the drug. According to him, we would be ‘plagued by the mental imagery to the point of blacking out’. Thornton, who was studying art at the time, used the psychedelic imagery as inspiration for his paintings as he struggled to understand what was happening to him.
Number 4 Branch-Like Tumors
People that suffer from a hereditary disease called epidermodysplasia verruciformis, or EV, suffer from growths that bear a structural resemblance to tree branches. They’re actually warts that tend to also have the same color and texture as tree bark. They can grow anywhere on the body, but are most commonly found on the hands and feet. In extreme cases, the warts can grow to be several pounds in weight.
Number 3 Jose Mestre
When Jose Mestre was 14 years old, a haemangioma tumor started forming on his lips. Decades passed and the tumor kept expanding. The explosive growth of blood vessels manifested in the form of purple bulges of skin. The tumor was left unchecked for a number of reasons that included misdiagnosis, medical misinformation and Mestre’s financial situation. Mestre was also a Jehovah’s Witness and he refused a blood transfusion because of his religion. The tumor
consumed his face entirely until Jose Mestre became known as the ‘man without a face’. At its worst, the life-threatening tumor weighed close to 12 pounds.
Number 2 Shanyna Isom
Since her symptoms first started in 2009, Shanyna Isom has consulted every possible specialist but none have been able to determine what is wrong with her. She suffers from an unknown disease and many experts believe that Isom is the only person in the world affected by it. In 2009, the Memphis woman went to the emergency room for an asthma attack. She was given a large amount of steroids, which experts now suspect caused an allergic reaction. After she returned home, Isom’s skin began to itch. Before long, black scabs covered her entire body.
Number 1 Cutaneous Horn
87-year-old Liang Xiuzhen, a villager from China’s Sichuan Province, initially complained about an itchy black mole atop her head. At the time, the woman had no idea that things were about to get much worse. The mole kept growing until it became the size of her pinky finger. It was sharp, hard and it hurt to touch. In 2013, Xiuzhen accidentally broke the protrusion but another mole took its place. This one grew at an accelerated rate, and, within 6 months, the woman had a 5-inch horn growing from the top of her head.

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