7 Mysterious Cases of Human Giants

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Mysterious cases of human giants. These archaeologists made stunning discoveries of ancient giants, as well as artifacts that prove that there was a civilization of giants roaming on earth.

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7 Giants of Catalina Island
In the 1920s amateur archaeologist Ralph Glidden claimed to have discovered evidence of a giant race of people that once inhabited Santa Catalina Island, located around 22 miles southwest of Los Angeles. His theory was that a race of fair-skinned, blue-eyed people with an average height of 7 feet once lived on the island. He based his claims on numerous artifacts from the island. The largest ones discovered belonged to a male standing over 9 feet tall. There’s little in the way of hard evidence supporting Glidden’s claims & most of the support to his theory is circumstantial & comes from people who’d allegedly seen them. Glidden also claimed that he’d sent artifacts & photos to The Smithsonian & the University of California, but both institutions denied this. Some conspiracy theorists believe that they’re still there, locked away in secret, along with Glidden’s field reports. Glidden wasn’t the first to claim that Santa Catalina was once home to giants.
6 Giants of D. Valley
In August 1947, Howard E. Hill spoke before the Transportation Club of Los Angeles & told an incredible story. He talked about the work of Dr. F. Bruce Russell, a retired physician, & his colleague Daniel S. Bovee who in 1931 discovered a network of tunnels beneath D. Valley in California’s Mojave Desert. While trying to sink a mining shaft, Russell fell in one of the caves after surface soil gave way beneath him. Inside of it Russell & Bovee found giants who, they estimated, stood around nine feet tall. They were clothed in garments made from an unknown animal & the material resembled grey dyed sheepskin.
5 Giants of the Caucasus Mountains
A Discovery Network episode of The Unexplained Files broadcast in 2014 focused on the possible existence of an ancient giant civilization in the Caucasus Mountains in Georgia. A group of Georgian researchers heard rumors about a local herdsman from the mountainous region who’d stumbled upon something extraordinary. In 2008, this herdsman reportedly discovered a crypt built from stone. Inside, were two giants sitting at a large table. The team of researchers followed up on the rumor. Joining them was Bruce Fenton, known for his work searching for the ‘The Lost City of Giants’ in Ecuador.
4 Giant of Castelnau
In the winter of 1890, anthropologist Georges Vacher de Lapouge found three giants at Castelnau, a commune near Montpellier. The abnormally large humerus, tibia & femoral mid-shaft which dated to the Neolithic period indicated that they belonged to someone over 11 feet tall. The discovery was dubbed ‘The Giant of Castelnau’ & analyzed at the University of Montpellier, where it was found that they were of ‘morbid growth’.
3 Lovelock Cave
In her book ‘Life Among the Paiutes: Their Wrongs & Claims’, Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins, daughter of Paiute Chief Winnemucca, explained how her people emerged victorious against the fearsome Si-Te-Cah. She explained how, in memory of their victory, locks of red hair would be passed down from father to son in the Paiute tradition. Hopkins even spoke about a unique dress, trimmed with reddish hair, which had been in her family for many years. Around two thousand years later, Lovelock Cave, located near Lovelock, Nevada, was the site of an incredible discovery. Unfortunately, they only told the authorities about the discovery in 1912, & many of the finds were destroyed in the process. Nevertheless, subsequent archaeological digs in 1924 & 1929 recovered over 10,000 Paiute artifacts.
2 City of Giants
Legends tell of an ancient city of giants located in a region of Ecuador deep within the Amazon rainforest. Foreign researchers teamed with locals looking for the city & discovered several megalithic structures, the largest, being an irregularly shaped, 260 ft tall, 260 ft wide pyramid. Built with huge stones each weighing around 2 tons. The gigantic structures showed signs of human craftsmanship. Their complex patterns, polished edges & a cement like substance that held these massive stones together all pointed to a man-made design.
1 Mexican Giants
A photo started to trend on the Internet in March 2015, showing immense humans allegedly unearthed in southern Mexico, near a small village in Sierra de Tapalapa. They suggested these giants stood almost 20 feet tall. While some thought the picture authentic, it was later revealed to have been the work of a graphic artist with the pseudonym ‘YearOfTheDragon’ who entered it in an online competition from 2008.

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