6 Scary Stories/Urban Legends Based on Truth

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Scary stories & urban legends based on truth. Here are some frightening stories that were passed on from one generation to the next and turned out to be true stories.

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Number 6 Bunny Man
The story of the Bunny Man was born in 1970s Virginia. It says that several patients were released into the wild after the vehicle transferring them between institutions crashed. People have reported seeing a figure walk through the one-lane bridge tunnel. There are however no historical reports of Douglas E. Griffin. The legend is most likely rooted in two real-life reports of an unknown man dressed in a rabbit suit in Burke Virginia. The first report was on October 19, 1970, when the man threw a hatchet through the passenger window of a car, screaming at the people inside that they were trespassing. The other was when the man was found chopping away at the porch of an unfinished house with a long-handled axe.
Number 5 Black Water
The urban myth of black water is common in various parts of the world. It usually involves a family moving into a new house and, as they turn on the sink, murky, foul-smelling black water comes out. Although the origins of this story aren’t exactly clear, there was a high-profile case in 2013 that seemed to mirror the legend. There’s a video of Lam online, with over 23 million views, captured by an elevator security camera. Many viewers have found the video to be unsettling. It shows Lam, by herself, exiting and re-entering the elevator, pressing all buttons, talking and gesturing in the hallway before seemingly hiding in the elevator.
Number 4 Attic
It’s a gruesome scenario but one that’s based on the real-life at the Hinterkaifeck farm, on the evening of March 31, 1922. A maid had quit, claiming that she’d heard strange sounds and that the house was haunted. Then, Andreas Gruber, found footprints leading from the forest towards the house. He also found a strange newspaper, which he didn’t subscribe to. At night, the family would hear footsteps coming from the attic. They also reported brief sightings of a man with a moustache. Gruber didn’t find anyone when he searched the building, so he didn’t report anything to the authorities.
Number 3 Mary
Historically, there was a ritual that young women would perform to see the face of their future husband. It involved walking backwards up a flight of stairs, in darkened house, while holding a hand mirror and candle. This was said to allow them to catch a glimpse of who they would marry. Professor Giovanni Caputo, from the University of Urbino, calls this the ‘strange-face illusion’. The phenomenon hasn’t really been explained but it might be the result of self-hypnosis.
Number 2 Cropsey
The legend of Cropsey has been circulating among the people of Staten Island for decades. Andre Rand used to work as custodian at Willowbrook State School, a state-supported institution for intellectually children. Willowbrook was eventually closed down, following numerous allegations concerning its hazardous environment. Rand continued to live in the abandoned tunnels and made camps in the surrounding woods. She’d been last seen walking with him. Rand inspired the 2009 documentary ‘Cropsey’.
Number 1 Green Man
In the Pennsylvania area, a legend says that when you’re wandering the streets late at night, there’s a chance that you’ll run into ‘The Green Man’ also known as ‘Charlie No-Face’. For generations people have been telling and adding to this ghost story, which is actually based on the life of Raymond Robinson.

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