12 Countries That COULD EXIST

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Micro nations have popped up in order to find loopholes in the system. Some places may have actually been their own nation in the past and feel like it could be their time to go independent. Here are 12 Countries That COULD EXIST.

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5. Greenland
Ittoqqortoormiit in Eastern Greenland is only accessible by helicopter or boats and is home to about 450 people. The name was given by an arctic explorer William Scoresby, and the name translates to “big house dwellers in the Greenland dialect. It’s likely there’s more polar bears, seals and muskoxen living here than humans.

4. Republika Srpska
If they ever actually become a country the first investment they should make would be to buy a vowel, because this name is a nightmare for foreigners! When yugoslavia broke off into different piece, countries in the balkans such as serbia, croatia kosovo etc were created, but they forgot about Srpska! This republic is constitutionally bound to both the serbs and bosnians The bosnians claim that their claim to independence is illegitamate, but the serbians are taking it into consideration. It would also seemingly act as a buffer state between the bosnians and serbians which would ensure peace between the two. These two former leaders of the nations were put on trial for crimes during the conflicts. Anyways, the situation is kind of complicated in that region and drawing borders was certainly no easy task. As of recently, the proposed areas that would become the new republic were welcomed with a 53 percent approval rating.

3. Hawaii
Would hawaii ever resort to becoming their own nation as they were in the past. Many historians will tell you their annexation to the US wasn’t all that welcomed in the first place. America realized that sugar crops were getting prosperous and US politics got involved. In 1887, the US brings military troops and forces to The Queen of Hawaii for her to sign a constitution that the people could now vote on who they wanted to be in charge. guess who won the election. Democracy! The hawaiian sovereignty movement wants to prove the annexation of the hawaiian islands was illegal which would allow the native hawaiians to run the land. Locals have been suffering from problems that they believe is due to imperialism. The organization protested the construction of the mauna kea telescope which has been a sacred site in their mythology. Bill Clinton was sent in to apologize for what happened in the past and for the way native hawaiians were treated. Natives now receive certain benefits when it comes to buying land and property but aren’t officially treated as a legally recognized as an indigenous people.

2. Puerto Rico
Oh not Puerto Rico too. And you guys thought Hawaii was bad. Where are we supposed to get our rum. Ever since americans took over 1898, a wide variety of groups have tried to conspire and start their own nation. This movement didn’t really take off for too long, but now after the hurricane hit, we may take puerto rico up on their offer. Our government supported the annexation due to manifest destiny but some feel the reason that puerto rico isn’t at least a state is racially motivated. Politics have pointed that out and felt like it was a good enough reason to leave the US. The FBI has put the Puerto Rican Independence party under close watch and reportedly they stomped out the threat fairly easily. It was at a time when america was paranoid about communism spreading in the caribbean, and they didn’t want another fidel castro lurking around. In any case though, if other caribbean islands can get by being their own country, why not puerto rico?

1.The Lakota
Possibly one of the most disputed pieces of land within the United States are the Black Hills. Other areas in North and South Dakota are the original homeland for the Lakota Native Americans. According the them, the Black Hills are “the heart of Everything that is”. As the American settlers continued westward with the concept of Manifest Destiny, it became a casualty in vicious conquest of land. Thousands of buffalo that once roamed this area, with purposely slaughtered to extinguish the food source of this tribe, like we see here with this pyramid of Buffalo skulls. The black mountains are still a location of political unrest and confrontations in modern times. The Lakota take a large amount of pride in their heritage and even recently there’s been civil unrest when tribe members feared the government building a oil pipeline through burial grounds and sacred land near the black hills. They better figure out something soon before one of those hills gets decorated with an american president

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